«When creative energy is properly channeled great things can happen…»

Identifying the truly viable ideas for innovative products and understanding the processes needed to realize them successfully are my clients’ main concerns.

For over 15 years I’ve supported companies and project teams, especially in areas such as:

The targets of my work remain constant: creating and guiding lean, efficient and reliable projects and processes that yield products the market wants, and that pay off for the innovative companies who make them.

Welcome to the wilderness!

Welcome to the wilderness!

“Asking about the ROI of an idea is like ordering a latte macchiato from a Coffee shrub” - my actual newsletter contains a first jungle story. But read for yourself (in German): Link

And the winner is...

I am thrilled about the "consulting Oscar" of the important Swiss management consultancy association ASCO. The award shows that even small business consulting companies can achieve a great leverage - and in this particular case even with a relatively small fee. Read more in the Handelszeitung article (in German).

«With the support of Roland Haas during the early brainstorming process, we were able to achieve a strong consensus on the way forward, to the benefit of our clients.»

Ueli Bötschi, former head of Aftermarket Services
Sika, Zürich, Switzerland