Haas ProjektConsulting’s service modules can be applied flexibly to best suit client’s specific needs.

The goal is always to keep the project team on message and on target. All the way to market success.

Idea Generation

A new product’s success in the market is often determined in the early, creative phase of the innovation process. Good results can be expected if certain elements are present:

These success factors often entail some considerable complexity, which is why many clients engage Haas ProjektConsulting precisely in this early, critical phase as a guide, facilitator or project leader.

«This complex project needed the steady hand of an experienced project multi-tasker to assure that nothing critical went unnoticed and that everyone was pulling in the same direction, a role Roland Haas skillfully fulfilled.»

Thomas Braunwalder, CEO
Magnetic Autocontrol Group, Schopfheim, Germany

Product definition

The product innovation process meets its first hard test as product research transitions into product definition. The idea must become reality and that step entails many challenges. Success will be determined by:

In this phase, Haas ProjektConsulting emphasizes

As a guide or the project leader, Haas ProjektConsulting supports you and your project team in this sensitive phase.

Project support

Every innovation project that leads to a competitive advantage has specific and sometimes complex consequences, whether in the area of products, services, or within the organization: innovation usually results in change. Complexity cannot be eliminated but it can be effectively managed. Haas ProjektConsulting supports companies on the path of innovation with the following services, among others, to provide:


He also speaks at seminars, training sessions and workshops on the following themes:

Roland Haas addresses these topics and more in many open lectures and workshops, where the public is most welcome, and also at company events.

Here actual trainings can be found. They are led by Haas ProjektConsulting and/or five-is.